Taste Matters & Partners

We carry reknown brands, have partnerships with regional market leaders and farmers and pride ourselves to source handpicked produce from the hidden champions in the world of fine food. Everything we do is focus on product and quality throughout, providing you excellence, newness and always the most value for your money.


Try our fine selection of all natural juice, mineral water, malt beer, beer and wine. A European first class choice of products!

Bauer Fruchtsaft

Bauer is one of the true hidden champions in our portfolio. Being a regional producer Bauer was founded in 1927 as a family business. Today Bauer offers a wide range of premium fruit and vegetable juices many of which are made from regionally grown fruits and vegetables. Bauer's juices are healthy, natural and tasty and exclusivley available in Hong Kong only with Taste Matters.
Fruit & Vegetable Juices 


Tradition, heritage and craftsmenship. Einbecker is today one of the oldest still operating breweries in the world. First records of Einbecker date back to 1378. Einbecker is also regarded to be the inventor of 'Bock Beer' which it still brews to this day. Distinctiveness in taste and adherence to purity. Einbecker beer truly is premium beverage. Taste Matters prides itself to introduce this German regional heavy-weight to Hong Kong. With Einbecker excellence in taste and value for money is guaranteed.
Regional Beer Specialities

Vilsa Brunnen

Mineral water is not just mineral water. With our Vilsa selection we offer you one the most pure and thus most healthy natural mineral waters available in Hong Kong. Low in sodium, with a well-balanced mineralization and delicate mild flavor it is even suitable for infants. The spring providing us with this natural treasure formed some 7,000 years ago after the last ice age. All the purity from its clean spring in Northern Germany now available in Hong Kong with Taste Matters.
Mineral Water & Spritzer

Eggers Sohn

Wine is a deep and complex subject, but if you're not a philosopher or oenophile, no pressure. Wine can be simply about enjoying what's in your glass. Yet, it does not stop here. Taste Matters offers you a well balanced selection of both up-and-coming vinyards, renown and award winning cuvées. Our wine portfolio is exclusively sourced and composed with our partner Eggers Sohn, a household name in the world of wine for over 200 years. We very much cherish the partnership with Eggers Sohn who are sharing their sommeliere-expertise with us and our customers. Enjoy what's in your glass!
Wine & Grapes


For many of our customers, certainly the Germans, bread is a very personal subject. What kind of bread do you eat? It is one the most basic foods we know. For millennia prepared with highest care and great respect for what mother nature provides. Bread is life.


Taste Matters was able to secure the partnership of the Pruente bakery founded in 1778 in the Muensterland region of Northern Germany. Today the company operates from the Ruhr Valley and remains family owned in 6th generation. Pruente bread is a purely natural premium product with no additives or preservatives. Specialized in high quality Pumpernickel and a wide range of premium whole grain rye bread Taste Matters highly recommends this exceptional bread-range to you, our friends and foodies. Bread the way it is meant to be.


Isn't it all grocery here? It is. Generally, under this section you find a wide number of branded and renown regional products mainly imported from Germany and geographic Western Europe. Enjoy a stroll through this section and discover your favourite products that tend to be difficult to get in Asia. For example try one of our marinated salads, stone oven baked Tarte Flambee, deserts and traditional European cakes.


Since establishment in 1970 Lauenroth is a family run business situated at the Hamburg Fish Market, Germany's largest, most famous market of its kind. Being a household name and regional market leader for high quality and deliciously marinated fish and crustacean we are proud to have secured our partnership with Werner Lauenroth. An exlusive range of tasty marinated seafood that is one of a kind and for the first time availalbe in Hong Kong.
Fish Salads


Ours is as close to a neighborhood fishmarket as an online shop can get. The best and finest in great variety from succulent seafood salads, smoked fish, premium raw fish filets and ready-packed specialites. Once we deliver to your doorstep its just like from an old fashion neighborhood market.

Die Räucherei

Our partner for all our smoked and fresh fish products is a family owned business, situated near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Die Räucherei, or 'The Smoke House', specializes in superior hand-made seafood for over 25 years. Quality goes over quantity and the owners affinity to produce just this leads to the creation of some of the finest and purest compositions of smoked and raw seafood we have come across. Fishing grounds for our products are the Northern-European Seas, Baltic Sea and Northern Atlantic Ocean. Superior hand-made seafood from Germany brought to you by Taste Matters.
Smoked Fish

Butchers Deli

Trust in the quality and source of fresh meat is paramount!

Friebel Wurst

Trust in the quality and source of processed meat products, gourmet salads, cold cuts and sausages is as important as with fresh meats. Take for example our range of german sausages. Our products in this section are exclusively sourced from our prize winning partners in Germany, the Bruenings family. The family owned business was established back in 1930, is run in third generation and known to produce some of the best quality sausages availalbe in Germany. Our guarantee for AAA grade quality German sausages in Hong Kong. Its the original from the original.
German Sausages

Vegetable & Mushroom

Every season has its charm and unique gifts of nature. Take for example white asparagus - the king of vegetable! In Europe for only a few weeks between mid April and June, mother nature gifts us this specialty. When the season has come make a reservation up front and have your specialty delivered fresh right from our farm. In this segment you also find lovely German potatoes and original Italian antipasti all year around.

Goellner Farm 

Our partner for potatoes and asparagus is a small family run farm in Lower-Saxony. Over generations the Goellner family cultivate their farm-land with respect for mother nature and a modern philosophie of sustainability. For example, potatoes are still planted by hand and there is more than just one crop being planted. The cycle for the early crop already starts with the harvest in May and continues with later cultivar being harvested up until autumn. These cycles allow us to offer AAA-grade potatoes from Germany, straight from our farm all year around.
German Potatoes


Located in the beautiful Marche region boardering the Adriatic in Central Italy, Castellino is home and our choice for authenic Italian antipasti and olive oil. Our Italian friends run this family business since the 1970's and live the craft to create beautiful and innovative antipasti. Castellino knows to provide pure and fine taste within an eclectic range. We find this antipasti not only appealing to the palete but also to the eye truly conveying a good portion of mediterranean goodness.